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Video footage of the attacks was recorded, leading to widespread condemnation in Israel. About olive trees in the village of Jalud set on fire. So, for example, those with white privilege can take for granted that when they turn on their televisions they will see people like themselves represented. It calls on the government of Israel to bring the perpetrators to justice and to comply with its obligations under international law.

They can go shopping without being harassed. Many people of colour are settlers without or with limited settler privilege. The privilege model has been critiqued for its simplicity and for its failure to account for, among other things, an interlocking or intersecting analysis of oppression. Israeli media network Arutz Sheva said this incident exposed the tactic of leftists of accepting Arab claims and falsely accusing Jews. An Israeli army spokeswoman said the violence started when Palestinians threw stones at Bat Ayin settlers praying on a nearby hill before the Jewish Passover holiday.

An emphasis on complicity shifts our focus to the strategies that produce hierarchies, in contrast to privilege, which frequently re-focusses on the self. Paint and eggs were thrown at the soldiers.

Nor are there

Nor are there many handy pedagogical tools or checklists for thinking about complicity. Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu characterized the situation as a handful of extremists in a population of generally law-abiding settlers. It includes a list of everyday experiences that are taken for granted by those who have such privilege.

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu