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Schmeidler conducted an analysis of psi research studies testing for expectancy effects. Furthermore, original experimental data had been saved and double checked for mistakes many times by investigators. We do not know which of these factors, or combination of factors, accounts for heightened psi scores.

In several cases, experimenter fraud would have had to involve the active collusion on the part of several teams of two or more experimenters. For half, there was a friendly, informal conversation with the experimenter for a quarter of an hour before the orientation began, and the experimenter made encouraging remarks during the breaks. And, of course, we are not even dealing with amateur magicians. Then it turned upside down in my hands and I woke up.

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Many prominent mathematicians in the field of probability who have made a detailed investigation have approved his techniques. It almost seems as if the optimism of the experimenter could mitigate against sufficiently careful observation.

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They offered coffee, tea, or soft drinks. Participants were all informed that they were free to bring a friend or family member to serve as their sender. In order to eliminate the possibility of cheating, both placed their records in a sealed package handed to Rhine before the two lists were compared. Rhine describes his early work with one of his more successful subjects, Hubert E. Schechter himself, as well as other psi researchers, has been reluctant to conclude that hypnosis does facilitate psi performance.

Copies of these original records are still available for inspection. Finally, Ryzl attempted to wean the subject away from his own tutelage so that he or she could function independently. Using equipment which monitored brain waves and eye movements, the investigators could determine accurately when subjects were having dreams. Instantly the sensitive ejaculated with pain, and a small red spot appeared on the back of her hand.