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It is now in the Theatre Royal in Dunlop Street. William Parker Ordway's statue in Chicago. The statue depicts Shakespeare bowing, as if at the end of a performance. Garrick himself is thought to have posed for the statue.

Hamlet is seated, brooding, his knife dangling over Touchstone's body. The sculpture depicted Shakespeare, reclining against a rock, between the Dramatic Muse and the Genius of Painting. An elaborate stained glass window was also created, depicting Shakespearean characters. It features a bust of the poet, who holds a quill pen in one hand and a piece of paper in another.

Statues and other memorials began to appear outside Britain, while in Britain itself Shakespeare's status as national poet was consolidated. Alongside the statue was an engraving of the balcony scene from Romeo and Juliet.

It is also the burial place of Shakespeare's brother Edmund, along with other Elizabethan actors and playwrights. Touchstone is lounging with his head tilted laughing, his feet hanging over the top of the tall stone pedestal and his left arm resting on Hamlet's legs. In a committee was created in Stratford-upon-Avon to erect a memorial to Shakespeare. Ordway's statue from another angle.

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It was commissioned by Henry Gullett d. In the statue was repositioned to make way for the Cahill Expressway.

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This is situated in Stratford's Bancroft Gardens.

After its demolition the monument was relocated to the garden of New Place in Stratford. With the removal of Banks's sculpture to New Place in London boasted no outdoor public memorial to the bard, and the erection of the New York statue in made this omission particularly glaring. His arms are resting on a cushion. Eventually private donations to the fund produced sufficient resources to commission a bronze sculpture from Andor Meszaros, an Australian artist originally from Hungary.