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To try and restore some semblance

Some had come out of hiding to board the ship and none were certain that they would not receive the same kind of treatment once aboard. The ship was named after the city of St. Louis set sail, it received a message from Claus-Gottfried Holthusen, the marine superintendent of Hapag. The good news was announced to those on board and everyone rejoiced. He was taken to an awaiting ambulance and then to a hospital.

When two fishermen delivering consular dispatches

To try and restore some semblance of order and battle readiness, Rozhestvensky ordered gunnery practice. When two fishermen delivering consular dispatches from the Tsar approached the fleet, the Russians opened fire. Late Friday afternoon, the last full day before the ship was to arrive, Captain Schroeder received a telegram from Luis Clasing the local Hapag official in Havana which stated that the St. Other ships were transformed to carry the passengers to their locations. Coast Guard ship and planes followed the St.

Louis on a return voyage to Germany. He decided that he would take advantage of this loophole and make money by selling landing permits which would allow refugees to land in Cuba by calling them tourists.

The next morning, a telegram arrived stating that landing at the Isla de la Juventud was not confirmed. Each person who boarded had their own story of persecution.

Painful impressions on land disappear quickly at sea and soon seem merely like dreams. Earlier, Captain Gustav Schroeder had given the member crew stern warnings that these passengers were to be treated just like any others.