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Will they feel the magic of Cupid's arrow? You'll have to read the story to find out! Does he feel the same way? Is he really that desperate?

Episodes Loki Interview Prank Bonus. Ian falls in love, so does Anthony. Until a certain delinquent comes and disturbs her whole idea I know I'm really bad at summaries! Klaine bravid as Blaine's daddies!

The seventh challenge is to create an original movie trailer for a movie, television show, or anything, as long it is original. Emma is happy hanging out with her new friends and doing what she loves best! Episodes Inappropriate Sonic Smosh Short. Episodes Sexy Yelp Reviewers!

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With the keys and the lavender candles! Antoinette Padilla - Stephen - Mr. Do you like Power Rangers? He's stuck between harsh reality and sweet fantasy. When she arrives, she meets Jovenshire.

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The third challenge is to teach a skill to the audience in a smart, creative way. Episodes Food Battle Trailer! Not just any girl, but my friend Courtney.

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How can they make it true? Anthony has to wear a mouth guard when he goes to sleep because otherwise, he would grind his teeth together. Not very good at summaries but please, read on! Well I think there is more that what meets the eye with Courtney.

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She has no friends or anything, she might not find friends, but will she find love as she meets a boy named Ian? Everyone notices, but they deny it. Shitty summary but very smexi story. Was written as a one shot for a tumblr blog, but I liked it enough to upload it.

Episodes Smoshtastic Album Commercial. And her two favourite people, Smosh, live across the road. Skye is alright with that, but what she didn't knew is that Smosh would be their landlords! How will Ian handle Anthony's newfound lust for him? Her reaction to the video was very offensive, sending Anthony multiple offensive tweets on Twitter.

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Episodes New Smosh Clothing Commercial. This is the story, from start to finish, of Katie and Phil. Ian comes home drunk one night, and Anthony isn't quite sure what to do with him. Anthony has had many girlfriends in the past, but all of them eventually broke up with him.

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  1. Collab fic done with a friend of mine.
  2. Did you mean what you said?
  3. Maybe if he knew he wouldn't have dumped her.
  4. Duncan is her new body guard.
  5. After graduating, they both attended American River College in Sacramento, California but dropped out after two years.
  6. Ever and Anthony's relationship seems to be going fine, that is, until Anthony starts acting weird, and Caleb returns to their lives.

They decide to practice first. Rated T for drug use, dating a businessman language and same sex kissing. She realizes there are two very attractive guys living in the house next to her. Where will this take them? No copyright infringement is intended.

  • They start to date, and it all goes back to That cold summer night.
  • She hasn't seen her best friends in so long, and who better to spend Christmas with than the ones she loves.
  • When fifteen year old Christian is forced to face his demons in the eyes of a nine year old Anastasia Steele, he is forced to learn to think of something other than himself and heal.
  • Danisnotfire and Amazingphil.

What will happen when two people have rarely anything on common come together? Will their lifelong friendship be able to survive, or will it crumble under the pressure? He never really could say goodbye. Story Story Writer Forum Community. It's basically a self-insert.

Anthony Padilla

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Will Alice get to know Smosh behind the scenes? His lips brushed against the top of her ear, but she showed no reaction at all. They could use any location they would like, and had to finish the video within a week. Dan's first meeting with Anthony is everything he wanted, and more. After his departure, many fans were unsure of the future of Smosh.

In an interview with NewMedia Rockstars, Anthony had said that he would obviously choose Squirtle as his starter and then catch a Rattata further to fight the first Gym Leader. Ian can't decide which side to fall into, but he knows he's just trying to do what's best for him. He walks in only to find Pein. Joven and Daniella slowly fall head over heels for each other. Bad summary but good story.

Well not only Is he rude and a dis-pleasing, I have to live with him. Episodes Smosh on the News! Fans were very fond of the hair and often associated Anthony with it. Duncan, however, free online girl dating games never believed in such bullshit.

Please help this article by looking for better, more reliable sources. This is just a smexi one-shot between Duncan and Courtney. She had always heard that he had an obsessive personality, yet she had never paid much mind to it. At least, I didn't until I met Dan Howell. When she finally meets them she notices he is falling for one of them.

They ended their relationship in late for unknown reasons. The second season of Internet Icon saw the runtime of each partial episode jump to half an hour. They soon meet a couple of locals who befriend them.

Hours after the news of his departure, articles shot up all over the internet, written on websites including Variety and The Hollywood Reporter. Not only did I have a boyfriend, but the person I liked was a girl. Every aspect of it will be changed forever and they may even find love in the process? Smosh is the home of the best funny videos, games, photos, memes, blogs and galleries online. But what if he wanted to be more?

Anthony Padilla

Will Emily and Ian hit it off or will Anthony tear them apart? She hasn't met the neighbors until she went gardening one day. Or will their love for each other continue to be unspoken?

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