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Why, it follows how serious you should be in prayer to the Holy Spirit, as well as for the Holy Spirit. First, concerning the personality of the Holy Spirit.

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The first proof that the Holy Spirit is a real person is gathered from the waters of holy baptism. Having just in a few words endeavored to explain the meaning of the whole sentence, I intend only this evening to dwell upon the doctrine which incidentally the apostle teaches us. And, my brethren, it is quite certain that no man ever begins the new birth himself. You read in the first chapter of the Book of Genesis, that the Spirit of God hovered over the surface of the deep, when it was as yet formless and empty.

Therefore tremble lest in anything

But mark, that is the work of the Spirit. If all the world were hypocrites, that would not exonerate you before your God. If a house be builded for prayer, that man must expect no blessing who neglects to tread its floor. The Holy Spirit was seen as a dove, to mark his purity and his gentleness, and he came down like a dove from heaven to show that it is from heaven alone that he descends. Now, I wonder how many of you know anything about this.

God the Holy Spirit must commence it. However, we now commence by endeavoring to narrate the different points of the Spirit's work in the beginning of salvation. And you would teach us about these things, and yet you sneer about supernaturalism. The second proof that the Holy Spirit is a real person is the fact that the Holy Spirit has actually made different appearances on the earth.

Third, the Holy Spirit is spoken of as having power. He is not competent to have true spiritual conviction worked in him until, first of all he has received life.

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