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Heroes must typically resort to violence in order to resolve conflict. Psychopaths have very low levels of anxiety, may prevent formation of cause and effect relations with respect to negative outcomes.

Claims that violent role models

Psychopaths are manipulative and deceitful, seem to lack any social conscience. The link between overall physique and behavior is probably best explained as creating a different expectation for success within physical conflicts. Polarization effects also contribute. Psychopaths are superficial, arrogant, and seem unable to learn from experience. Social Learning Theory of Crimes Observational, or vicarious learning is key to picking up criminal behavior.

Claims that violent role models exist in home, media, and subcultures gangs According to Bandura, Most human behavior is learned by observing others model a particular behavior. Bowlby Criminal activity is a substitute for love and affection. Maybe criminals are just not nice people. Bowlby thought that disruptions in the mother-son bond were at the root of most criminal careers.

How early delinquency is dealt with can help determine whether an individual reforms or continues criminal conduct. Discipline provides vivid examples of coercion and aggression as a means of control and conflict resolution. Permissive towards aggressive behavior at home Physical punishment used as discipline.

Media provides a steady diet of violence. Identical Twins who were raised apart. Influence of heredity is higher for property crime than it is for violent crime.

Bowlby Criminal activity