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Sucre sel et matières grasses by Michael Moss download in pdf, ePub, iPad

Also, I am not sure that very many of the people this book would need to reach i. Now I read the back of every item while grocery shopping, before deciding to buy it. No wonder there is an obesity epidemic today. Cheez Whiz no longer contains real cheese. One thing became very clear, and that is that processed foods could not exist without salt, sugar or fat.

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The meat industry, with the blessing of the federal government, was intentionally avoiding steps that could make their products safer for consumers. The food industry is well capitalized and has - for some inescapable reason to me - been able to fight every report of how bad their products are. That's been a big part of the food industries marketing tactics, and it's worked. Yet many of the biggest slaughterhouses would sell their meat only to hamburger makers like Cargill if they agreed not to test their meat for E. They were the only ones out there doing this and had a monopoly on the industry.

Most processed foods bread, cheese, cereal, snacks, candy tastes terrible without salt. If you switch to low salt or low sodium versions of a food your sensitivity for salt will go down.

Salt Sugar Fat is definitely a highly recommended read. Kraft created a council that tried to make their foods healthier. So, while I didn't completely dislike this book - I think it was very one sided. Tang, with just enough Vitamin C to be advertised as nutritious. On behalf of producers, the government aggressively marketed cheese and beef to the American public and in Mexico.

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Sugar Frosted Flakes became Frosted Flakes. It's a well written, in depth look at the food industry, and how the products we all know came into being and developed over the years. Shop the perimeter of the grocery store, and avoid all the bad things that taste sooo good. This is good to know if you are in the grocery store, as they still use these tricks.

Before reading this I was trying to avoid processed foods, and this book has helped increase that resolve, as well as educated me more on how to do it. The fiber is what makes fruit healthy, so the benefit is lost. Many of the executives of the most highly profiled companies go out of their way to avoid their own products. But, I think it is harsh to attack a business for trying to improve sales. Cheez-its, where the salt is granulated just right to put the flavor in.

Sure they have made some incremental improvements here and there, but by and large, the grocery store is a scary place if you don't want to vastly exceed your daily caloric intake. Before I was born my dad had to find a job to support his family they already had my older sister.