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Do you have any questions? However, for most guys, sex is seen as just a way to get off or feel powerful and I want you to know that this is not a healthy approach for guys. Boys Want One Thing As previously mentioned, boys are at their sexual peak in their teen years and girls are not. Pregnancy Make sure your boy has and knows how to use condoms. We would play downstairs and his dad had a collection of Playboy and Penthouse magazines.

Tell your boy to be himself and a girl will appreciate this because most of the other guys she comes across will be lying so his honesty will be a breath of fresh air. Are you insecure or timid about sex?

This can also be a great opportunity for you to start the process of exploring what love means. No matter how much you try, he will come across it. So many of us are afraid of rejection that we will keep ourselves out of harms way by hiding behind our devices.

The Impact of Porn Unfortunately, most teenagers are learning about sex via porn. Do not know how to teach their teenager how to create a healthy relationship. Or are you shy and insecure and still trying to figure your way around this subject?

They value themselves by how many girls they have slept with. Do you have a hard time resolving conflict in a healthy way? Write down exactly what you wish to teach them about relationships and sex.

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The first thing to understand is what is really happening. Do you subconsciously enjoy arguments and conflict? Look at all the women who spend so much time on their make-up, hair, clothes, and the way they look. In many cultures and religions, sex and relationships are used as a form of control.

Talking To Your Girl Girls have it tough. Looking back on the times I spent with my male friends, dating reality shows korean flag it shocks me at how much of our time was spent on talking about girls and getting laid. Journaling Exercises How different do you think your life would have been had your parents taught you these concepts about dating and sex? Where are you currently at when it comes to dating and sex? People began to have sex a lot more and dating started to become more commonplace.

Effective Communication Relationships are the fastest way to start learning how to effectively communicate. These are just some of the ways people create unhealthy relationships.

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Let her feel her feelings. But if you can at least put some of these things into context for them, it will seep in slowly but surely and when it does, they can start to use the information to empower them. Use it to feel loved and better about themselves self-esteem.

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Your Mannerisms The most important aspect of your talk is your tone and body language. The way things unfold and how you go about learning communication, conflict resolution, the ego, feelings, strength and courage all unfold differently.

You need to learn now to not misinterpret this attention as your value. Have you been using another person to fulfill your own shortcomings? If you are dealing with a girl, you need to help her find other ways to feel validated so that she does not need this type of attention. This is very disrespectful and rude. This is where your relationship can begin to blossom.

When it comes to relationships, humans are still babies at the whole idea. In most guy circles, this is all they talk about. If you look at so many men in the world, you can see that this one point plays such a vital role. Why is our approach reactive rather then proactive?

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Let them know it will make sense as they get older and that their friends may have not had the same opportunity they have in having parents who speak openly about this. Do you have any fears or doubts about sex or relationships? Many individuals enter into them with some shortcoming in themselves and then begin a toxic cycle that eventually ends in divorce and many hurt feelings.

On the other hand, a positive relationship is when two healthy individuals come together and compliment each other. From a male perspective we need to learn how to respect woman and stop trying to dominate them.

Do you have any anger or resentment towards them? Rather than spending their time being an interesting person, many females spend it on how they look. For most, we see woman as a way to get laid and feeling powerful.

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She needs to learn that things happen that have nothing to do with her. So what the hell is going on out there? In reality, they are very insecure so teach her to feel compassion, not anger. Do you feel sad or lost if you are alone? Create a safe and neutral environment for her to explore her sexuality without the sense of guilt or judgment.

For most of history, dating and sex has always been a bit taboo. However, to this day dating and relationships is one of the biggest challenges we face. Your teenager is going to pick up on this more then anything else. The truth is, for you to be able to have a healthy conversation with your teenager about this means that you have to have a healthy relationship and perspective about sex and relationships. As your teenager gets older, they will be faced with different issues and challenges.