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Some insects, notably the tansy beetle Chrysolina graminis, have resistance to the toxins and subsist almost exclusively on the plant. Tansy is a flowering herbaceous plant with finely divided compound leaves and yellow, button-like flowers. Known by botanists as Tanacetum vulgare, the flowering plant grows all across mainland Europe and Asia. Often called Mugwort or Golden Buttons by traditional healers, the plant has been used for hundreds of years to treat conditions ranging from rheumatism to high fevers. New findings just published in the journal Phytotherapy Research show the plant could have powerful anti-viral properties.

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Tansy is an effective insecticide and is highly toxic to arthropods. Traditionally, tansy was often used for its emmenagogue effects to bring on menstruation or end an unwanted pregnancy, and pregnant women are advised to not use this herb.

The herbalist John Gerard c. If taken internally, toxic metabolites are produced as the oil is broken down in the liver and digestive tract. Some studies say that per cent of people have been infected even if they have not all shown symptoms.

Since there are currently no vaccines for Herpes infections and considering how common they are, this may be an important finding. It is powerful and can be toxic so check out the warnings at the end of this item, but now a new study has suggested that Tansy may be a useful weapon in treating herpes infections. It is thought to repel ants, cucumber beetles, Japanese beetles, squash bugs, and some kinds of flying insects, among others.

Tansy should never be used by pregnant women and for everybody else it should only be used under the supervision of a fully qualified herbalist or naturopath. It was first recorded as being cultivated by the ancient Greeks for medicinal purposes. There are however some caveats to using Tansy. Enter the venerable old herb Tansy, also known as Golden Buttons and Mugwort in Europe, which might provide a remedy. It is absent from Siberia and some of the Mediterranean islands.

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The scent is similar to that of camphor with hints of rosemary. Parra said in a media release. According to liquor historian A. The joint investigation looked at both crude extracts of the aerial parts and roots of tansy and also analyzed purified compounds of the plant for anti-viral activity. Many tansy species contain a volatile oil which can cause contact dermatitis in sensitive individuals.

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Tansy is potentially toxic as it contains an essential oil which has some powerful properties, dating lady golfers particularly for the female reproductive system. Dried tansy is used by some bee-keepers as fuel in a bee smoker.