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Teaching the Reformation by Amy Nelson Burnett download in pdf, ePub, iPad

It is very well done and powerful. Martin Luther and the Reformation a.

Martin Luther and theIt is very well done and

My students rarely understand that a Catholic is a Christian. The information is solid and they are entertaining enough to hold interest. Each has different activities most short answer questions to go along with a visual. Luther, no doubt, was a character and therefore this section focuses on him.

There is a scene where Columbus is taken to the Inquisition and another where the Jewish expulsion in Spain is announced and later carried out. It was also to push some of our adults to study and learn about the Reformation. These probably could be used as full episodes. It is rather dryly presented.

Each game they learn something else about the Reformation. It helps, but it is still a fight to get them to accept it. Provides a brief history of Christianity. Adults can come dressed up also, but they must dress up as something that involves the Reformation.