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The Alpha Masters by Maneet Ahuja download in pdf, ePub, iPad

Many were twisted by lust for power or tainted by exposure to the horrors beyond, and sought to pervert the Imperial Truth to their own ends. It is unknown which one of these accounts are true and which are lies. Alpharius was quickly sent to take command of his Legion, while the Emperor had many pressing affairs of state by this time.

But Horus did not slay the attacker but recognised him instead for a brother. In the case of the Alpha Legion, it would instead worsen over time. Another account torn form the mind of an Alpha Legion Centurion captured by the Legio Custodes after the Fall of the Seraphin tells the story of the finding of Alpharius. Alpharius led his Legion, created in his image, to the outer reaches of the Imperium and was eager to join battle and emulate the glories of the older Legions.

Such strikes carried out both at

It speaks of a nameless Dead World at the edge of the Mandragoran Stars whose civilisation rose and was wiped out by bloody hands long before Mankind first walked on Terra. Upon his maturity he became the Emperor's own secret hand and His greatest shield, until he was at last parted from his father, his destiny to fulfill. The warriors who carried them out were doubtless of the Legiones Astartes, identified by their power, abilities and wargear, but their identity remained concealed. It was a weapon neither first the Emperor nor later the Warmaster could control. Each stage of creation would result in expansion of the gene-seed implantation on progressively larger groups of Neophytes.

The serpent also has, since time immemorial, been seen as a symbol of treachery, secrets, strife and lies. The new Legionaries under their command were tall and strong, and were reminiscent of their Primarch, and possessed their gene-sire's cunning intelligence. Irrespective of the truth, the twisting coils of the Alpha Legion rose from the darkness and into the light of the Imperium. Evidence for this hypothesis can be seen by the fact that the nascent Imperium of Man was plagued with rampant insurrections, petty rebellions and the dangerous plots of Renegades and Traitors. It was a Legion seemingly sprung whole in its entirety, as if from nowhere, complete with tens of thousands of fully equipped Legionaries and a capable war fleet that operated with veteran skill.

Also evident was its desire for secrecy and talent for misdirection. On this nameless orb, the nascent Primarch fell into the shattered ruins of a fallen city murdered long ages ago. Unity and Lies There remains much that is contradictory in the accounts of the first open actions of the Alpha Legion as a force of the Legiones Astartes in its own right. They maimed and bled the foe, forced them to chase phantoms and turn on each other in panic before they struck.

Yet, the Alpha Legion's turn to Chaos was, oddly, something they chose for the sake of the Imperium. Such strikes, carried out both at the front lines and within the already Compliant worlds of the Imperium, were deadly accurate and seldom left any witnesses alive to tell directly of them. Other contrary accounts exist which belie this practice, however.

Yet the Alpha Legion's turn