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The Basics of IT Audit by Stephen D. Gantz download in pdf, ePub, iPad

This was an excellent video and

This was an excellent video and should shared with all of society. This contact person should be someone who is very familiar with the work done by all departments and all employees, as well as someone familiar with the payroll records the auditor will be reviewing. Insurance company audit personnel often come across as stubborn and unresponsive, leaving the employer frustrated and feeling that the system is rigged. But the payroll records must document the actual hours spent by such employees in each of the different workplace exposures. My hats off to the author.

And we specialize in helping companies dispute those Shock Audits. Sometimes employers get indignant or confrontational when these kinds of additional documents are requested.

This contact person should be someone

There should be more videos like this. These worksheets will provide you with a roadmap for understanding how the audit was conducted, how the final payroll numbers were derived and what payroll was placed into which classification codes. And all too often, a perceived lack of cooperation on the part of the employer just makes the auditors suspicious and all the more determined to figure out what information is being hidden. If the audit must be done off-premises, at least make sure a knowledgeable person from your company is available by phone for the auditor to talk to about such workplace questions. An estimate of time spent in each kind of exposure will not suffice.

Every company should make it required viewing. If the payroll records do not document the hours spent in each kind of work, all the employee's payroll will go into the most expensive classification applicable. Find People in and around Conservation.