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The Dark and Deadly Pool by Joan Lowery Nixon download in pdf, ePub, iPad

Liz is sure that all

They scare each and he disappears. Fortunately, she runs into literally another member of the staff who does believe her. She's tall for her age, something of a klutz, and known to trip over or destroy the various objects in her path. She wanted a tall man for a boyfriend and Fran was much shorter than her.

With the help of her coworkers

To make matters worse, the jittery Mary Elizabeth is closing up one night and sees a body rise up out of the pool, gape at her, and disappear once more under the surface of the water. Initially she thinks it will be the perfect place to spend those hot summer days. There's something about the taller, stronger girl being courted by the smaller, Puckish boy that appeals to me. Until the night, a dark and lonely night, a ghasty shadow surges up from the pool. In addition there are usually suspects and clues.

Liz is sure that all the bizarre events happening at the Ridley are somehow synchronized. With the help of her co-workers, specifically Fran, Liz investigates and solves the various crimes and murders.

Not Lamar the chief of security, not Art Mart the health club director, and not Tina her tough but friendly co-worker. Mary Elizabeth takes a summer job at the super ritzy Ridley Hotel health club. As I was in the process of expanding a bit on my Nancy Drew addiction, I basically ate them up with a spoon. This mystery plot is like most where the non-detective protagonist attempts to solve crimes on her own.

It was a fun, well-rounded cast of characters. Secretly she dreams of becoming an orchestra conductor and when she's particularly zoned out she'll practice conducting in her head. As she begins to unravel the mysteries that all seem to be linked together, the main orchestrater turns out to be someone that is least expected.

Mary Elizabeth takes a summer job at a luxury hotel. And I still love it for those same reasons. Liz is a normal teenage girl who is still trying to grow into her height and who is afraid of the dark. Throw in the fact that they run around rather ineptly fighting crime together and you've got yourself a winning combination, my friend.