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Most communities in the

In small-scale pilot projects in Honduras and Brazil, housewives quickly learned to monitor their containers, maintaining Mesocyclops at their homes with pride. This stewardship can only be maintained by active support of those who live in the basin, and those who use its abundant resources locally, statewide, and throughout the nation.

Central staff members train local health workers, who in turn use videotape documentaries to introduce Mesocyclops to the community. Inspectors had legal authority to enter premises, destroy containers, apply oil or paris green an arsenic mosquito larvicide and impose fines. All participants then worked together to group the ideas and give theme names to the groups. Aedes aegypti disappears about a year after Mesocyclops introduction.

It is noteworthy that Aedes

Dengue hemorrhagic fever will be eliminated only through an intense and well-organized effort at the local level. The market for nutria pelts has declined with the anti-fur movement in recent years and, despite predation by alligators, nutria populations have exploded and seriously overgrazed marsh vegetation.

Most communities in the programme have repeated the scenario at Phanboi. It is noteworthy that Aedes aegypti disappeared without having Mesocyclops in every container. This coalition will provide the necessary leadership, will facilitate effective input from affected parties, and will guide the development of coordinated management procedures.

Foam rubber cubes are stacked in small plastic containers for mailing to public health offices throughout Vietnam. Suitable species were always available locally because copepods large enough to kill mosquito larvae occur naturally virtually everywhere that Aedes aegypti is a problem.

Some provinces are setting up their own Mesocyclops production and training centres. It is also the nursery for numerous species of commercially important fish in the Gulf of Mexico.

Their wealth of natural resources encourages intensive use and overexploitation as well as conversion of the natural ecosystems to agricultural ecosystems. It may have originated in non-human primates, which still provide a natural reservoir in Africa and Asia. Participants put forward their ideas by writing each idea with a few key words on a piece of paper which was then stuck on a wall for everyone to see. Every idea on the wall went into the final record of the workshop. The system is simple, inexpensive and highly resilient, functioning in open containers of any size or shape.

It is natural for wetland soils to sink a few centimetres each year. We the people of Louisiana and the Barataria-Terrebonne estuarine basins believe that the Barataria-Terrebonne ecosystem is a national treasure which represents a unique multi-cultural heritage.