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The Emancipation of Robert Sadler by Robert Sadler download in pdf, ePub, iPad

In First, although I think this book should have been put in the category of christian literature instead of general nonfiction, it was still very worth the read. Sadler's life, as well as the people who moved in and out of his life through the years. My friend Dana recommended this book to me when she heard I was doing research on the slave experience for book three in my Time and Again series.

Then I cried through the second half of the book in amazement that after all that he went through he was able to find happiness and forgiveness for his tormentors. Once, while making a trip Robert sensed the Holy Spirit telling him to exit the highway.

But it should also be read because the truth should always be told, no matter how painful it is to hear it. His passenger thought he was crazy, but Sadler took off into the woods and went straight to a run-down shack where a poor family was sick and half starved. And considering that I'm the type that would rather punch you than let you see me cry, this is saying something about the emotional journey this book takes you on. He obeyed, but the road came to a dead end at the edge of a swamp and dark woods. The writing is decent and brings to life the smells, colors, horrors and triumphs of Mr.

Once while makingThen I cried

Jesus did many other things as well. In complete humility, Sadler did everything from giving haircuts and clipping toenails to repairing the roof. Robert Sadler and the other latter day slaves deserve to have the story of their suffering heard.