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The Focus Group Guidebook by David L. Morgan download in pdf, ePub, iPad

That partnership was also greatly aided by having a tremendous collaborator. This book offers an overview of important principles guiding focus group research and then suggests a systematic and verifiable analysis strategy.

Here is how to write each part of the guide. It minimizes disagreements later. The introduction is important. We began our studies of focus group interviewing about the same time. Last, on the home front, I would also like to thank my son, Daniel Kang Morgan, for both his patience and his sense of humor throughout this project.

The use of I, on the other hand, tends to refer to situations and experiences that one of us has witnessed that may not have been verified by other researchers. Planning Focus Groups This volume covers the wide range of practical tasks that need to get done in the course of a research project using focus groups. This book helps make the process of developing good questions doable by outlining a process and offering lots of examples.

Keeps You on Track The guide keeps the moderator on track. You also tell respondents what they will be doing, and you remind them of their incentive. Several states require agreements. Research objectives shape the interview topics. In these books, the authors have occasionally chosen to use the word we.

That partnership was also greatly aided

Introduction Here you introduce yourself to the respondents. In this section we would like to tell you a bit about our past work with focus groups, the factors that led to the creation of this series, and an overview of how the book is organized. Before the interview, ask permission to record it. In the last decade, we've worked together in writing articles, sharing advice on research studies, and teaching classes. Moderating Focus Groups The book is an overview of critical skills needed by moderators, the various approaches that successful moderators use, and strategies for handling difficult situations.

This book offers an overview