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Then she goes out and

This is the book for me, all right. Of course, no book about hunting can possibly convey the physical effort involved in going hunting. So far, the ban has proved to be largely unworkable. And they are equally unattractive in their mores.

It has to be said that this book is a trifle over-written in places, and some judicious skipping may be needed. When the Countryside Alliance invited those who were against the proposed legislation to take part in a march in London, to demonstrate the strength of the opposition, I went along. In short, I am wholly uninterested in hunting.

There is a particularly

Then she goes out and hunts for perhaps six hours. There is a particularly funny account of a hunt ball. And finally she has another hour's drive home. And yes, all the stories that you have heard about hunt balls seem to be true. And how, having learnt to ride, she began to go fox hunting.

The anti-hunt brigade regularly turn out whenever a hunt meets. Hunting, it should never be forgotten, is a highly dangerous activity. There are marvellous descriptions of some of the social functions, both grand and down to earth, in which hunt members tend to get involved.

And the decision to ban hunting seems to me to be an entirely unnecessary interference with personal liberty. Anti-hunting sentiment is chiefly fuelled by some very unattractive human characteristics such as envy, jealousy, and spite.

This is a circumstance which inevitably colours what she has to say. It demands courage, and Jane tells us that she was regularly sick before the hunt began. Overall, however, it a very fine book indeed, and I'm glad that I read it. The portraits of some of the characters of the hunt are exceptionally well drawn.