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Active Themes Ted writes

Active Themes Ted writes the letter but tells Leo not to give it to Marian unless he is alone with her. She also seems to partly hope he gets measles, since that would be a legitimate, objective reason for him to have to stay at home. Leo has the luck of a second coincidence, firmly cementing his status as the authority on everything supernatural. Active Themes Leo prepares for his trip. Leo leaves the farm, waving to Ted as he goes.

She also seems

Leo is hugely relieved and tells Ted that Marian gave him the suit. Leighton earned her first and only Academy Award nomination as Best Supporting Actress for her performance in the film.

This creates a kind of vacuum of masculinity that Leo wants to fill as he makes his transition from boyhood to manhood. Leo informs Ted that his thirteenth birthday is at the end of the month. Ted suddenly emerges from across the farmyard. It is certainly not a romantic or sentimental piece. Leo frantically tells Ted that they have met before, at the bathing-place.

Suddenly she gets up and tells Leo she will dress the knee for him. He takes another path through the rushes and finds himself in a cornfield. His mother agrees, and packs only thick clothes for him. He compliments Leo in order to make him feel better, and Leo likes the idea of being thought of as brave. The fact she keeps the bloodied handkerchief shows the strength of her feelings towards Ted.