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Two whites including a milkmanMost went to the

Two whites, including a milkman and a doctor making a house call, were beaten to death. Most went to the Toronto area.

This was the largest percentage increase of any country in the war. There were eventually ten of these camps, all but one in the far west the exception was in Arkansas. That night, groups of African Americans attacked stores and streetcars. They went door to door collecting pots and pans, old washbasins, and every other kind of metal object.

The Marine Corps and the air force did not accept any African Americans at all. Three hundred thousand planes came from the American aircraft industry.

The unit developed a poor reputation as a result. This meant that companies were guaranteed to make money no matter how much they spent. In general, women only earned about two-thirds as much as men. By the s and s, however, historians were exploring the subtle elements of continuing diversity and conflict in society during the war period. Rationing Fashion Shortages and rationing had an impact on many different areas of life.