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The Human Experience of Space and Place by Anne Buttimer download in pdf, ePub, iPad

Here you will find open access versions of the section introductions, links to readings, and topical further recommended reading lists from subject experts. Guy Debord, a social theorist and member of a group called the Situationists, wanted to introduce a more radical way of navigating the city and sharing human spaces. Southern Illinois University Press. Downs, Roger, and David Stea.

In this way, knowledge and experience are situated in the interplay between person and environment. The reader brings together the writings of scholars from a variety of fields to make sense of the ways we shape and inhabit our world, including both classic writings and contemporary research. Knowledge in Life and Society. Milgram, Stanley, and Denise Jodelet.

Holt, Rinehart and Winston. By picking up on the feelings evoked by the surroundings and sharing them with one another, a group can embrace a situation or reinterpret it in creative ways. There is increasing evidence that builds from both approaches and understands mental maps to be processual and representational, i. Reflections on Cognitive Mapping.

William K Stout Publishers. Often conceived of as a bubble around an individual, it is a form of portable territory that can shift in size and proportion based on situation.

University of Michigan Press. Rethinking the Power of Maps. This work revealed how these maps steer our actions, and speak to the deeper synchronic processes by which we receive and process knowledge. Essays on Movement, Knowledge and Description.

William K Stout PublishersOften conceived of as a

Affordances are the qualities of an object or environment that allow or afford an individual to perform an action or series of actions. Kleinman, Arthur, and Joan Kleinman. Kitchin, Rob, and Martin Dodge.

Architecture and the Senses. Where there is space, we make maps to define and navigate it. Taken together, these readings suggest that for people the environment exists through interacting with it. Essays in Culture, Politics, and Interpretation, pp. In this section we have included other classics in this area of research that have further probed the relationship between people and environment through questions of perception and experience.