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Till from her trembling hand extinguished falls The fatal lamp-He starts-and suddenly Tremendous thunders echo through the halls, While ruin's hideous crash bursts o'er the affrighted walls. While on his lips, distilled in balmy dews, Those lips divine that even in silence know The heart to touch persuasion to infuse Still hangs a rosy charm that never vainly sues.

Then with renewed strengthShe blames the sad despondence

She blames the sad despondence of her fears, When still protected by a power so great, His tenderness her toils will mitigate. Then with renewed strength at length she goes, Hoping to find some skilled in secret fate, Some learned sage who haply might disclose Where lay that blissful bower the end of all her woes. There wrapt in verdure fragrant lilies blow, Lilies that love the vale, and hide their bells of snow. Thus through some narrow space the azure day Sudden its cheerful rays diffusing bright, Wide darts its lucid beams, to gild the brow of night. Trembling and breathless then she softly rose And seized the lamp, where it obscurely lay, With hand too rashly daring to disclose The sacred veil which hung mysterious o'er her woes.