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We may live to behold the natives of Africa engaged in the calm occupations of industry, in the pursuits of a just and legitimate commerce. Skipping forward just a single year - from March to December - Pitt's life forever changed.

After several months of blatant defiance, courage, tenacity, and sheer force of will, Pitt began to gain the support of the people. Most doubted how long he would remain in office. The tide had undeniably turned. This attack appears to have been deliberately orchestrated by members of the Opposition and Foxite supporters.

Whereas many others think it was a pompous, vain, and certainly an overly confident thing to say given Pitt's age and lack of experience at the time, I was instantly attracted to him. We shall never see the likes of him again. Despite this attack, his resolve was unbroken, and he would not abandon his post. The reaction from the assembled House was one of resounding incredulity and laughter.

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He also declined to call for a dissolution of Parliament. He was the least vain person, and he repeatedly put other people's wishes before his own.

To many, he was hardly qualified for the role of Premier, and the odds were stacked heavily against him. He was to hold his seat as the Member of Parliament for Cambridge University for the rest of his life. Although Pitt was certainly far from being a mere puppet to the Crown, he firmly stood his ground. Pitt, his brother Chatham, and his brother in-law Lord Mahon were in the carriage at the time. Fortunately, Pitt was left uninjured, but understandably he was shaken up.

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Although Fox was returned as Member of Parliament for Westminster, his obstinacy and hatred for the King would bar him from holding a government office for the next twenty-three years. The original Seal, however, was never recovered. We may behold the beams of science and philosophy breaking in upon their land, which, at some happy period in still later times, may blaze with full lustre. He was doing so in support of his friend William Wilberforce, who was seriously ill at the time. He stood the overwhelming tests put in his way, and he fought all the obstacles which came his way.