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The Politics and Poetics of Journalistic Narrative by Phyllis Frus download in pdf, ePub, iPad

The Timely and the Timeless. In this important and subtle study Phyllis Frus offers insight into the generic features of journalistic narrative, as well as into its historical development in the U. Conceding that there is a lesson to be learned from the experience the survivors were soon to undergo is not the same as drawing a moral from the story already told, however. You are not currently authenticated.

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It is difficult to locate this process in a particular moment or in specific texts, that is, to recover the history of the myth of literature in our culture. New Yorker in the context of the history of American journalism. Barbara Foley Phyllis Frus. Frus is ambivalent about the achievement of the hybrid genres growing out of the s-the New Journalism and the nonfiction novel. Over the next twelve years the case moved up and down the federal judicial ladder, at one point reaching the U.