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The Psychic Handbook by Craig Hamilton-Parker download in pdf, ePub, iPad

There are easy to use reference charts and there is a detailed index. There are Psychic Skills and Psychic Feats. The book gives you everything you need for Psychics in your game and makes it easy to add more. Geek Native uses the Skimlinks algorithm to to deploy affiliate links.

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Be social and follow GeekNative on Twitter. Sometimes the characters will crack the whole mystery open with their psychic powers and that's okay. Anything to prevent them from sitting by the side and watching as their character takes actions that they can't control.

If you don't want psychic powers to be useful, don't include them in the game. For anyone who prefers a system where psychics are not equivalent to mages with a few different trappings, this is best way to do it. The very first feat in the book, Apport Arrows, is such an attention grabber. Psychic skills are more variable and can be improved. We really do have a set of tempting, alternative or complementary rules here.

The skills are fueled by temporary hit points, representing the trope of psychic powers causing physical fatigue to the user. Each skill is pretty broad. The core of the system is the psychic, a new class whose mental powers are based on skills and feats. Psychics, by the definition in this supplement, are entirely different.

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There are also rules for drones mind slaves and forming psychic gestalts where psychics come together to combine the power of their minds. Discover the true powers of the mind.

Psychic talents are more like skills are skills, really whereas Psionic powers are effectively spell like. In fact, if you ask me, a Psion is just an awkward spell caster whereas the Psychic actually is a different class entirely. Before you can learn a psychic skill you need to have the appropriate psychic feat. That way, psychics can Scry and Fry just as well as their wizard counterparts.

While most of the book is mechanics, there's a bit of game advice at the very end that touches on a lot of the most common problems with psychic powers. Imagine being able to not be hit by an arrow or crossbow bolt, etc because you teleported it away elsewhere. The same with mind control. The layout effective and not suspiciously white space padded. The Psychic's Handbook is probably the best way I've seen to do that.