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Most building damage in Southern Manhattan was to critical building systems, business inventory, and personal property. In the face of climate change, rising sea levels, and increasingly frequent coastal storms, the City is taking steps to prepare for the future. Creativity, improvisation and adaptation says as much about a city as its people. This, however, could also be a weakness, as the needs of individual cities are not only varied but might be contradictory.

In certain areas though the

The question of the purpose of cities, and their responsibility to their citizens, is at the centre of the Rockefeller Foundation's Resilient Cities programme. In certain areas, though, the waters extended farther inland and to far greater depths.

This includes natural systems like wetlands, mangroves and sand dunes or built infrastructure like sea walls or levees. People of a city contribute to its resilience as much as its walls and bridges. Water management has become a major issue for cities.

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Foster Economic Prosperity Ensure the availability of funding and a vibrant economy as a result of diverse revenue streams, the ability to attract business investment, and contingency plans. For example, planning processes that are reflective are better able to respond to changing circumstances.

Provide Reliable Communication and Mobility Provide a free flow of people, information, and goods. Growth, Equity, Sustainability and Resiliency. Managing in an emergency is like managing normally, except more so. It also includes emergency response plans and contingency plans that may coordinate airports to function so that relief can be lifted in and out during a crisis. Provide and Enhances Protective Natural and Man-Made Assets Maintain protective natural and man-made assets that reduce the physical vulnerability of city systems.