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He has to deal with Uncle Rollo. He's going through a tough time right now. Griffen posted a status on Instagram days later, discussing the events that led to his hospitalization.

The veteran's off-field issues have been ongoing for weeks, however, according to the Star Tribune. Rollo's new position means that he has to take care of more than just himself, which means he's coming to collect what he was offered in return for the troops that helped Ivar take Kattegat. He's been a really, really good role model for us.

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Our focus will continue to be on providing an on-going support system for Everson and his family. Keep an eye on your inbox for the latest sports news. The amount of blood in the midseason trailer seems to indicate not, but that's the beautiful tragedy of Vikings.

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He's got people to think about. People make choices in what they consider to be their interests even if those interests cut across things they've done in the past that they've done or said or believed. He ought to put those people first. My larger focus remains on addressing my personal health, and I'm hopeful the time will come when I feel comfortable sharing my story and using my platform to bring awareness to these issues. The Vikings, meanwhile, have pledged their support of Griffen during his indefinite absence.