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The Sea on Our Skin by Madeleine Tobert download in pdf, ePub, iPad

Many elements found in the ocean

This can be found in Hawaiian Nourishing Cream.

You can also protect skin dryness from occurring by using a water-resistant sunscreen prior to swimming. You can find it in Night Time Spot Lotion.

When at home you can use

Read more for my thoughts about making home skin care recipes. For the most part, I believe ocean water can be very helpful to the skin and can treat various conditions.

Many elements found in the ocean are actually used in skin care products since they can be very beneficial. When at home, you can use this as a toner on your acne-prone skin after cleansing. Read five skin tips for pool swimmers.

Granted, the pH balance of the water in which you swim can vary greatly so some ocean water may be less drying than others. Sea whip extract is known to be the most calming of all sea-based ingredients making it very effective for decreasing redness and irritation. Sulfur is a mineral that is often used in blemish treatments to dramatically dry out infection associated with blemishes to heal them fast. This can be found in Phytolipid Comfort Cream.