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The mango trees and oak

My boyfriend and I were driving past the Fernow Experimental Forest along the river when we both saw something run across the road about ft ahead of us. They are illusive and they do not like people.

Dolly Sods is another area I spent a lot of time in and saw a brown mountain lion there. The mango trees and oak green leaves.

Dolly Sods is another

We have one roaming around out here right now that is upsetting the livestock every night. But we are positive that we saw a mountain lion. We both turned to look and I could not believe my eyes. As I drove around a sharp turn on the mountain, the road went through a section of rock cliffs.

At first glance a bobcat might look like a very large mountain lion. Silent nights to hectic mornings. Then the cat starts pacing back on forth watching us. The ears were relatively short but erect. It was very graceful in its movements.