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The Unlikely Genius Of Dr. Cuthbert Kambazuma by Chris Wadman download in pdf, ePub, iPad

It was a well-practised drill. But he had other matters on his mind, far more pressing. Teddington was an angry man. In less than a minute, nothing remained but the white pip which he gnawed at pensively for some time, before tossing it from his open window.

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Squinting at the road ahead, he rested his knee against the base of the worn steering wheel. We use this information to create a better experience for all users. Grabbing his knife from its resting place in the speedometer socket, Teddington sliced off the bottom of his mango.

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The knife clattered to the floor as he lifted the fruit to his mouth, using his teeth to clasp the skin and peel it back from the fruit. Teddington Chiwafambira was, indeed, just such a man. He snatched up the nearest fruit, noting with irritation its small size and a nasty rash of brown speckles. Guided by habit, his hand reached quickly into a tatty plastic packet swinging to and fro like a frenetic pendulum from the window winder.

Squinting at the road ahead he