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And of course what an experience travelling round the world eating bread and cake. Slash the top of the loaf with a lame or bread scoring tool. One of the things that was most inspiring to me was how baking is very much still a family business all over the world. Shaping is a tricky subject. Now your loaf is ready for the oven.

With her warm and good-humored instructions, Abby makes you feel as if you have a friend in the kitchen coaching you over your shoulder every step of the way. You should adjust the temperature of the water you add, so the total dough reaches this temperature. Or take a look at our boule shaping video.

If necessary you can learn

Her palate is simple and sensational and shines in every recipe. You can measure the temperature of water and dough with a food thermometer. Along with advice and strategies, she includes plenty of warm personal memories, references to her family and the links that baking traditions provide. The author honed her skills at La Varenne in Paris, specializing in pastry, but despite her serious experience, her approach is relaxed and realistic.

If necessary you can learn more on shaping from a good bread book, like the ones by Hamelman or Reinhart, or the Tartine Bread book. From Madeleines, and marble bundt cakes, to kale, cherry and cheese scones there are some really exciting recipes to be tried. The recipes are organized according to how long it takes to make them. Check out our tips on how to make the most of your oven.

Transfer onto a rack and leave to cool. This bread is great with just about anything, but also very tasty on its own. And her meticulously written recipes never leave you guessing about what to do. Mix it well until you have a homogeneous slurry that looks like very thick batter.

From Madeleines and marble bundt