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They will also try to undermineChrist's words show

They will also try to undermine confidence in the institutions of democracy we have set up. Christ's words show that it is hard for a rich man to be a good Christian, and to be saved. However, there is no widely accepted evidence for the existence of such a gate. In discussions around nominees, names on the lists should not take precedence over any other nominations from members. The Pharisees believed God gave wealth to those he loves.

Jesus destroyed that notion, and along with it, the idea that anyone can earn eternal life. Being influenced by delegates from other areas and choosing differently is not an offence. Some theorize that the needle Jesus was speaking of was the Needle Gate, supposedly a low and narrow after-hours entrance found in the wall surrounding Jerusalem.

For purposes of National Conferences the same process also happens at Provincial Conferences. Lower structures have the right to influence decisions of higher structures.

If they are already serving in these structures, or have served in the past, leaders should be assessed on how their presence helped the movement in its work. This was a necessary shift arising from the victories we had scored. Such hyperboles and paradoxes are common in all languages comp. This also made it possible to introduce profound open democratic practices, with activists of the anti-apartheid struggle and communities in general taking part in building their movement. If they live more hardly in this world than the rich, yet, if they get more easily to a better world, they have no reason to complain.

Its leaders and members should win the confidence of organisations of the people. They should lead the task of governance with diligence.

They set out the mandate that guides the leadership, and are important fora for report-backs and consultations across the movement. Nothing less than the almighty grace of God will enable a rich man to get over this difficulty.