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They were expected to put on a good show, wearing their finest clothes and going to their deaths with insouciance. Fights often broke out between the rival parties over possession of the bodies. In any case, this was a high theatrical moment that many dramatists found too rich to overlook on the stage. This did not prove a deterrent, however, and the executions continued to be treated as public holidays, with London apprentices being given the day off for them. Like the court system, each prison usually specialized in a type of criminal.

Wealthier criminals provided coffins for themselves, the poorer ones often could not afford these. The crimes were the focal point of interest, not the prison stay, in judging a man. The stone was covered over in when Marble Arch was moved to the area, but it was shortly afterwards unearthed and propped up against the Arch.

On one occasion, the stands collapsed, reportedly killing and injuring hundreds of people. It was not unknown for the occasional person to survive their hanging.

When the procession reached the steps of St. The one on the left is decently dressed in coat and cravat and has on his head the traditional white nightcap which the hangman will pull down to cover his face just before he is turned off. Others seemed more affected by their situation and prayed fervently at the end with the Ordinary, no doubt afraid of what lay ahead in the afterlife which they would have believed in. Some say that over fifty thousand persons met their death at Tyburn during the six centuries it was a place of execution. Thus Tyburn from the beginning was clearly the King's gallows for London and Middlesex criminals.

Some men arranged for their friends to steal their body after an execution so their remains would not suffer that fate. The four lines of verse printed with the picture emphasise its didactic purpose. As you can imagine, the preparations took quite some time where a large batch of prisoners were being hanged.

It was not unknown for