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Here are some more examples of vague language commonly used by native speakers of English. Often, speakers use vague language not because they do not have accurate information, but because they feel it is more polite to make a less definite statement. It's nearly half past two. In both cases they are reacting to characteristics of the language, not their business partner.

Here are someOften speakers use vague language not

Perspectives on Pragmatics and Philosophy. This process was performed iteratively, until no additional relevant articles were found. Vagueness, on the contrary, deals with a single sense. Spoken Language and Applied Linguistics.

Classes of ambiguity and their definitions were derived from the linguistics literature. That is to say, understanding the meaning of a sentence depends on the conditions under which that sentence would be true. Cambridge University Press Pan, W. Languages are replete with vagueness.

This search yielded over results for each term, with very few of the results pertaining to the linguistic concepts of ambiguity or vagueness. Vague Language in Spoken Scottish English. Social Variation in the Expression of Tentativeness in English.

Taking James's plea seriously, Gavin traces the idea of the vague beyond the philosopher's own texts. Theory and Practice in Language Studies, Vol. The average numerical estimate was much lower for the beta-blocker agents than for the antihistaminic drug. The role of context is to clarify the intended meaning.

Mapes suggests that these different interpretations reflect the perceived severity of side effects for the different drug classes. The major shortcoming of this research is that subjects were not provided with a context for interpreting the vague terms. The use of vague language differs from language to language and is an important cultural consideration when doing business in a foreign language.