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Vampire Kisses 9 by Ellen Schreiber download in pdf, ePub, iPad

But the truthBut still the book is

Despite what she constantly says, I never once truly believed Raven wanted to turn into a vampire because of Alexander and because of what that would mean to their relationship. The thing is, it's really sad to see a part of what made you who you are today end. Everything about this book is kind of bad. Well, I told you I wasn't been objective with this one. Still, I want to slap myself right now for actually writing that.

What bothered me the most about this one is just how misleading the summary in the jacket of the book was. Throughout the whole series, Raven's desire to be a vampire has pretty much been driving force of the story. Mostly nothing is resolved with this finale.

But still, the book is bad. But the truth is, I am not objective at all with this rating, so I'll try to be with the review. But if you, like me, see in this book the needed closure for your former teenage selves, then this will probably be a bittersweet goodbye you will begrudgingly enjoy. There's barely a plot in there, zero character development and, worst of all, it is really nothing but a forced, half-cooked ending to the series.