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Wartime Girls by Anne Baker download in pdf, ePub, iPad

It is heart-warming, poignant and in the end you get a chance to get to know the authors a bit more personally and find out what it was like for them to write this book. The stories are bittersweet because you realize that they were virtually leaving their entire life behind to follow the man they loved to come to a country where they knew no one. The potential bride was also subject to questioning, usually by an army chaplain, and was required to provide character references. They are all wonderfully diverse, well-written and each tell a different side of the First World War.

It is honestly that greatWe think of certain images

It is honestly that great to read. We think of certain images when we think of the World War I, but it's easy to forget that there was no universal experience except for grief and loss. The Army did its best to dissuade prospective brides, who were often accused of using marriage as a ticket to a more prosperous country.

We meet Merle and Grace as they fight for the right to be taken seriously and a woman who has nothing else to lose amidst the Battle of Gallipoli. You discover how difficult life was living in Britain and London while bombs were literally being dropped at random. Since the Normandy landings, the Nazis had begun using two devastating new weapons. You might just be surprised to learn even more about them.