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He still tries to play tennis

He still tries to play tennis every day. Watson has been described by many as brilliant, outspoken and eccentric. When Watson went to do a Ph.

But despite the excitement that Watson felt, all the main issues, such as the number of strands and above all the precise chemical organisation of the molecule, remained a mystery. Initiating a program to study the cause of human cancer, scientists under his direction have made major contributions to understanding the genetic basis of cancer.

Watson has been

His most notable achievements in his two decades at Harvard may be what he wrote about science, rather than anything he discovered during that time. Watson's home university dropped the project and the book was commercially published. Watson, a businessman descended mostly from colonial English immigrants to America.

Neither suggestion is true. The progress she made on her own, increasingly isolated and without the benefit of anyone to exchange ideas with, was simply remarkable. Some controversy surrounded the publication of the book.