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At the same time, the failure of our policies to mitigate or moderate the dramatic changes in our economy and culture have left Americans feeling abandoned by their government. Our entire system of welfare, health care, and entitlements is built for a bygone era that was the exception to the American economic experience. The danger is that it is possible that the American people have traveled too far down this road and are set to ping back and forth between servitude and license.

It's so hard to get started that once you do you're afraid of slipping back. In the concluding chapter of his book, Levin makes the case for the citizen.

As individuals become detached from the sources of social order and meaning for their lives, they also become more desperate for strong centralized leadership to make up for perceived failures. They are not even aware of precisely what has taken place. Given the decline of trust in centralized institutions, one would not expect that Americans would favor investing more power in these entities.

Levin tells where we have been as a nation, where we are, and why so many people are eager to shrug off the benefits of globalization in a Quixotic effort to get back to where we were. But this wistfulness is blinding us to the truths of our current economic and social challenges. In Donald Trump, we have an avatar of nostalgic American greatness, without an understanding of what makes America truly great.

As individuals become detached from theThey are not even aware