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Whale Done Parenting by Ken Blanchard download in pdf, ePub, iPad

First I have to say that I think we all can use parenting help. In this new book they apply these same principles to parenting. So Amy and her husband started using the same principals that they used on killer whales on their own son. As this engrossing and unique parenting fable shows, more than you'd think.

Here we start with killer whale trainer-in-training Amy Sheldrake, who is able to get a killer whale to preform amazing tricks but had a hard time getting her own son to do simple task.

Amy Sheldrake's newWell he has now

Amy Sheldrake's new job at Aqua World, a fictitious marine park in Key West, is one of learning the ropes to become a trainer of killer whales. Well he has now teamed up with a great group of trainers to give us Whale Done Parenting. As the working mother of two-year-old Josh, she is likewise challenged on the home front. Great leaders, saints and sages have developed this skill.