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Whisper Hollow by Chris Cander download in pdf, ePub, iPad

Set during the time of the Civil War, Tally Spencer and her mother are working hard to keep their home and land from the hands of soldiers and bushwackers. My grown up side really relished that part. Though this was a good read and I look forward to reading more from this author. When Tally refuses his marriage proposal he is hurt and stops his assistance. It is often dangerous to fall in love with a soldier who fought for the Union when you live in a land that was riddled with Rebs.

This is when

This is when the former Yankee soldier, Cole Blakely comes back to check on his relations cabin. Now, it is up to Tally with the help of some family friends to put Mama back together and hold on to the land at the same time. It is as if writers have forgotten that reading is before all a regressive act. Awesome book that depicts the struggles and dangers that face women during the civil war. But her women mine territory twice as dark and twice as dangerous, they mine the human heart.

Tally has an instant connection to Cole and him to her. Tally's father is in hiding, to avoid killing men. Life will not be the same and the evil soldiers who came will be back.

Now it is up to

Love and loss, devotion and longing, hope and despair, Cander renders all of this and more through the lives of three women spanning more than fifty years. Tally has had her parents loving example all through her life.

He helps them on the farm, but the towns people are still at war with the people that fought on different sides. This is the same author that wrote The Legend Of Shannonderry. And as tension mounts between Cole and the Rebels, Tally summons her grit to save Cole from the murderous hands of his enemies.