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In Edinburgh Talbot says he can do nothing to save Fergus. Scott gathered the disparate strands of contemporary novel-writing techniques into his own hands and harnessed them to his deep interest in Scottish history and his knowledge of antiquarian lore. As a lawyer's clerk he made his first visit to the Scottish Highlands directing an eviction. Nevertheless, Scott was responsible for two major trends that carry on to this day. Edward presents Talbot with a pass from Charles to proceed to England.

Scott was buried beside his ancestors in Dryburgh Abbey. Fergus introduces Edward to Prince Charles, to whom he gives his allegiance. Another ruinous expenditure was the country house he was having built at Abbotsford, which he stocked with enormous quantities of antiquarian objects. The town of Waverly, Ohio was named after the novel. Tolerance is a major theme in his historical works.

Many readers too recognized his hand. It was one of the rare and happy cases in literary history when something original and powerful was immediately recognized and enjoyed by a large public. The Hero of the Waverley Novels.

In his health deteriorated sharply and

After being essentially unstudied for many decades, a small revival of interest in Scott's work began in the s and s. He has Fame and Profit enough as a Poet, and should not be taking the bread out of other people's mouths.

In his health deteriorated sharply, and he tried a continental tour with a long stay at Naples to aid recovery. He believed every human was basically decent regardless of class, religion, politics, or ancestry. Also, for his health, he spent a year in Bath, England. As his fame grew during this phase of his career, he was granted the title of baronet, becoming Sir Walter Scott. In he was appointed Sheriff-Depute of the county of Selkirkshire, based in the town of Selkirk.

At dawn Edward escorts Bradwardine to his hiding-place in a cave. Even when it was clear that there would be no harm in coming out into the open he maintained the facade, apparently out of a sense of fun. He had a remarkably retentive memory and astonished visitors by his eager reciting of poetry.

He believed every human

Edward learns from Talbot that his wife, distressed by the news from Scotland, has lost her baby and is seriously ill. The Scourge thought the novel lacked pathos and sublimity. That he was the author of his novels became general knowledge at this time as well.