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World Report on Violence and Health by World Health Organization download in pdf, ePub, iPad

To many people, staying out of harm's way is a matter of locking doors and windows and avoiding dangerous places. This is evident throughout the report. Finally, the United States should consider its role, direct or indirect, in influencing conditions that contribute to violent political conflict in many parts of the world. Data can demonstrate how frequently violence occurs, where it is occurs, trends, and who the victims and perpetrators are.

World Health Organization Violence pervades the lives of many people around the world, and touches all of us in some way. Cultural tradition is sometimes used to justify social practices that perpetrate violence. Interpersonal violence and suicidal behavior also can cross international borders.

This is evident throughout the report

The report urges us to work with a range of partners and to adopt an approach that is proactive, scientific and comprehensive. Even where violence itself does not cross borders, some factors that influence it do. Identify Risk and Protective Factors It is not enough to know the magnitude of a public health problem. This report will contribute to shaping the global response to violence and to making the world a safer and healthier place for all.

The United States will need to increase its understanding of its own cultural diversity in order to improve efforts at preventing violence domestically. In examining preventive responses to violence around the world, one is struck by the nature and resourcefulness of many of the strategies adopted in lowincome communities. Violence is a problem that can be understood and changed, not an inevitable consequence of the human condition.

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