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Drinking is aided with a straw or from tubes. Flights may be purchased for both tourism and research purposes. These effects begin to reverse quickly upon return to the Earth. Weightlessness does not occur when a spacecraft is firing its engines or when re-entering the atmosphere, even if the resultant acceleration is constant.

What is being measured there is the force exerted by the body on the scales. Electric charge here replaces the usual gravitational charge.

In addition, after long space flight missions, astronauts may experience severe eyesight problems. Water also produces drag, which is not present in vacuum. In the absence of this force, a person would be in free-fall, and would experience weightlessness. Such indeed is the norm and strictly speaking any object of finite size even in free-fall is subject to tidal effects. It is simulated poorly, with many differences, in neutral buoyancy conditions, such as immersion in a tank of water.

In addition after long space

Neutral buoyancy is not identical to weightlessness. As noted, objects subject solely to gravity do not feel its effects. Tidal forces arise when the gravitational field is not uniform and gravitation gradients exist.

Consider any cross-section dividing the body into two parts. It will thus vary across the width of the falling or orbiting object. Throughout this discussion on using stress as an indicator of weight, any pre-stress which may exist within a body caused by a force exerted on one part by another is not relevant.

Water also produces drag which is

Astronauts subject to long periods of weightlessness wear pants with elastic bands attached between waistband and cuffs to compress the leg bones and reduce osteopenia. An observer on the marked spot will see the satellite remain directly overhead unlike the other heavenly objects which sweep across the sky. This is clear because of symmetry, and also from Newton's shell theorem which states that the net gravitational force due to a spherically symmetric shell, e. This is the weightlessness in free fall in a uniform gravitational field. The force is not gravitational.